The functions of "CatPaw Calc Simple"

  1. Four arithmetic and power operations(Simple mode).
  2. Expressions and the calculation result are recorded as History.
  3. Calculation of value-added tax(Calculation of value included tax from value without tax)
  4. Value of textview C(the figure below) can be recorded ,added to the memory.
  5. Value of textview B(the figure below) can be recorded ,added to,subtracted from the memory(different from the memory for tax calculation).(Advance mode)
  6. Calculation of several scientific functions(e.g. sine ,cosine ,exponential function...)(Advance mode)

Name of Each part

name of each part

How to use the app

To calculate expressions, you input numbers and operators(+,-,*,/,^) or functions using keyboard(D in the above figure).

* is multiplication , / is division and ^ is power operation(for example 2^3 is 3rd power of 2 and the result is 8). You can use a decimal point for the exponent numbers(numbers after ^).

In "Simple mode",√(square root) key is not available.

However you can calculate square root using ^ key. For example when you find the square root of 2 ,enter 2 ,^ ,( ,1 ,/ ,2 and put ) key at the end ,that is 2^(1/2) equals the square root of 2.

In "Advance mode",√ Key is available for square root calculation.

To delete input numbers ,formula and calculation result ,the key C ,CE and DEL are used. Tapping C key clears the contents of all textviews A,B and C. When you tap CE key ,the textview B is cleared. The DEL key undoes the last operation.

Tax key is used for calculation of value-added tax or consumption tax.
 When you tap the tax key ,the value in textview B is multiplied by setting tax rate and the result is shown in tax calculation textview C.
 Tax rate and rounding method are set by [Set tax calculation]dialog opened by choosing[Set tax calculation] item from the action menu(E in the above figure).
 If you do a long press of numbers on tax calculation textview C ,the context menu is opened. By selecting an item from this menu ,you can add tax calculation value to the memory and retrieve current memory value and do other memory operations.

The explanation of the menu E

menu item

Tapping "the menu display button"(E in "Name of each part") opens the menu.

The function of each item is as follows.

Explanation of rounding methods in tax calculation

rounding method

The result of tax calculation is rounded to the nearest integer.You can select the rounding method by using [Set tax calculation]dialog.

[Set tax calculation]dialog appears by tapping "Set tax calculation" on the menu.

Tax rate(initial tax rate is 8 percent) and rounding method can be set using the dialog.

The rounding methods are as follows.

Advance mode

rounding methodChange key pad dialog

Tapping "Change calc key pad" on the menu opens "Change calc key pad" dialog.

Choosing "Advance" in the dialog ,the key board changes to one for Advance mode.

advance mode key

In "Advance" mode ,you can use several scientific functions and the key for root calculation.

The key for evaluating reciprocal is also available.

Using Memory keys ,calculation value or input numbers is added to ,subtracted from the value in the memory.

Explanation of the keys added in Advance mode except for memory keys

Explanation of Memory key

Here is the explanation of memory keys added to Advance mode.
The function of each key is as follows.

How to use mathematical function

function dialog

Tapping [FUNC] key in Advance key board opens the dialog displaying list of functions used in the calculator.

Push function name you want to use ,then the function is input in "Textview for displaying formula".

Nine functions are available.The detail is as follows.

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