Explanation of History page

history page

The app automatically records calculation results(expressions and the answers) until 100 items.

The "History" page shows the records.

The page has a menu on top of the page(trashbox icon and "HIDE HISTORY"item).

Tapping the icon moves to "Delete history records" page.
Choosing "HIDE HISTORY" or the arrow on left of the title goes to the previous page.

Doing long press on one of the records invokes a pop-up menu about the selected item.


The menu has four items.

The function of each item is as follows.
Copy expression...The expression is copied to clipboard of the device.
Copy answer...The answer is copied to the clipboard.
Copy all...The expression and the answer of selected record are copied to the clipboard.
Delete...The selected record is removed from the page.

Explanation of Delete history records page

delhistory page

The page is used for erasing the selected or all expressions and the answers from the record.

If you want to delete all records ,tap "ALL CLEAR" item on top of the page.

When you remove several expressions and the answers from the records,switch on the checkboxes of the records you want to delete.

Then tap the menu button on top right of the page ,and open the menu.

menu item

Choose "Delete selected items" from the menu.(The item may be appered from the beginning dependent on the screen size.)