About me

There are some informations about Scoal.
sex female
from Ise city in Mie pref. (Japan)
present residenceMinamiise cho in Mie pref.(Japan)
hobbies game, travel and gardening
the place I've been for a long time Hiroshima city( academic and career reason)
what I did in US When I was in Silicon Valley(Santa Clara, 95050 Calif.) in US from 1997 to 1998, I belonged to ITU. I'm sure it was very lucky for me to have a chance to learn modern computer sciences there. I would like to give my best gratitude to the following professors.
To Dr. Russell.W.Quong Thanks for teaching me perl, Linux, Java, Ltoh, Javascript and so on.
To Dr. C. Pokorny Thanks for teaching me "Object C++".
To Dr. C.M.Peng Thanks for teaching me Maths.
To all professors who gave me lectures at ITU. Thanks for teaching me very kindly.
Special thanks to Prof. and Founder Dr. Shu Park Chan.
alumni of ITU
my ex- postal address Homestead Rd. Santa Clara, California 95050 U.S.A.